What Does Michael Jackson's Signature Say About Him?

I found this picture of Michael Jackson's signature on the Internet, and I started thinking about how handwriting experts say that people's signatures speak volumes about their character. Since I'm not a handwriting expert, I looked around to find out what "the experts" say about MJ's signature. Interestingly enough, the way that people write "M" in their signature says something about their personalities. The handwriting expert states that Michael's "Ms" go uphill, which indicates severe fear of ridicule. Is it possible that Michael had a self-esteem problem? Since his dad, Joe Jackson, apparently was abusive to him, he could have had self-esteem issues.

The rest of the letters are tiny in comparison to the "M," "J," and "N." Supposedly, tiny letters means that you are an introvert or socially withdrawn. The way that Michael avoided crowds and hid his face at times was introverted and withdrawn.

All in all, handwriting analysis is interesting. There's some other comments about Michael's handwriting such as the large initial letters indicate someone who has a huge ego or self-image. Hmm. Interesting.

I didn't know Michael Jackson personally, so I don't know if there's any truth to the handwriting analysis of his signature or not. One thing is for certain, no matter what Michael's character was or wasn't, he was an awesome entertainer and music artist. Now, some people may beg to differ on either of those points, but true Michael Jackson fans won't.

Michael's Downfall

He Failed to Evolve in the Right Way

No one can deny that the Michael Jackson in this photo from 1984 looks distinctly different from the child that was a key member of his family's band, "The Jackson 5." Michael evolved constantly, thoroughout his tumultuous life. Evolution, in itself, is a species adaptability to become more diversified to meet changes. The problem with Michael is that he took it too far.

When I look at pictures of Michael as a child, then as a teen, a young man in his twenties, and then what he finally became at the end of his life, I am saddened. I see a person who so desperately wanted to change his appearance that he lost who he really was.

I think the majority of people would look at this pic from 1984 and say that Michael looks good. It appears that he had a nose job at this point, but nothing like the total reconstruction he endured in later years. If only he would have left well enough alone.

I know Michael had some health issues that caused his skin to lighten in spots, so that's what spurned the skin color change. But he had something much deeper going on. I am guessing that he didn't like himself very much. I think that -- and no doubt others do, too -- that's why he evolved and changed with such dramatic results.

It's a shame that Michael couldn't rejoice and take comfort in the fact that he had millions of fans that world over that loved him and his music. It's a shame that he couldn't leave his appearance alone instead of altering the way that he looked so much that he was unrecognizable from that sweet-looking child and young man that he once was.

There's No One Like Mike

No matter what anyone says or thinks, I'll never change my mind that Michael Jackson is a one-and-only original. One of my weaknesses is reality television. I especially like those wanna-be-a-singing superstar shows. My fave guilty pleasure is American Idol. Anyway, from time to time a talent surfaces and people in the music industry comment on how similar the singer is to MJ. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Well, maybe. But, no one can ever top Michael. 

Sure, I've heard some aspiring singers that sound somewhat like Michael Jackson. The problem is that they don't have the charisma that he had. They don't have the quirky personality. They don't have the mystery, either. They don't even come close to reaching the level of the legend that is Michael Jackson. 

Think about it like this. I heard someone say that Michael Jackson was the Elvis of our time. Now, honestly, has there ever been another Elvis since he passed on? I think not. I'm not really into Elvis, but I think I can safely say that since he passed, no one has been able to compare to him. It's the same for Michael. There's no one out there that compares. And, I am convinced that there never will be anyone quite like him. 

If I had to think of the most quirky, out-there mainstream singer on the market right now, I would pick Lady GaGa. Hmmm, I wonder if she will become an icon like Elvis and Michael Jackson? Only time will tell. 

Michael Jackson vs. Whitney Houston

What drives stars to a place where they find themselves at the mercy of substances?

Michael Jackson visibly deteriorated in front of his peers and his fans over a period of years.  In fact, the late Whitney Houston made some comments about Michael’s untimely death when she visited with Oprah on the set of Oprah’s talk show in 2009.

Whitney was visibly shaken about Michael’s death. She couldn’t believe that he died in the way that he did. She made comments that she didn’t want her fate to be the same.  

If Whitney did die from a combination of prescription pills and alcohol, her death has some similarities to Michael’s who died from an overdose of an anesthetic prescribed by his own personal physician. Both deaths were tragic and at least one was preventable.

What drives stars to a place where they find themselves at the mercy of substances? Is it the pressures of fame, the frenzied adoration of their fans or the realization that they can’t live up to their own personal expectations or the expectations of everyone else? Or is something deeper? Something such as scars from the past that never fully healed, so they use the substances to dull the memories and the pain.

Michael had a beautiful family with three healthy, precious children. He did have some legal troubles, which certainly were not the highlight of his life; but he moved past them. He apparently had trouble sleeping; but he and his doctor approached it in the wrong way. Somewhere it all went wrong for him and ended in tragedy. Even Whitney knew this, but she hurdled down the same path, which ultimately may have been to her destruction

Why Michael Jackson's Music Will Stand the Test of Time

Just like the person in this picture, a smile comes to my face when I listen to anything by Michael Jackson. From his songs as a child in the Jackson 5 to his solo debut as a music artist, I can enjoy almost anything Michael recorded. I say almost anything because I haven't listened to every recording he ever made.

Michael had the special ability to tell a story through his music. He was able to connect with his audience -- something successful artists can do. His music is also timeless. I can listen to Jackson's self-authored "Beat It" and it's just as relevant today as it was in the early 80s. I can watch the video "Thriller" and enjoy the theatrics that accompany the music and make it that much better.

Michael also wanted to be a star. He wanted to create music that he knew people would want to listen to. He had a gift for writing and singing music that made an impression on people. He had a vision and he knew how to translate it to real life.

He also was an interesting person. The way he shrouded himself and his children. The trademark sequins and his one glove. The drastic impact he made on his personal appearance. He made himself stand out from the crowd.

I think Michael's music will be enjoyed by masses for many, many decades to come. It's definitely worthy of attention. His songs also have plenty of positive and inspiring messages for people, too.


Michael Continues to be Remembered

Michael Jackson continues to be remembered by his children and the world. Most recently, his brood participated in a hand and footprint ceremony in front of the famous Grauman Chinese theater. Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket all helped make imprints of their late father's black loafer-style shoes and his trademark sequined glove into the concrete block. At the top of the block "Michael Jackson" was written by Paris, with a heart separating his first and last names. As the children imprinted images their dad's belongings, the crowd showed them love by cheering. Also in attendance was Mr. Justin Bieber, supposedly because Michael was his idol. He sang a bit of "Rockin' Robin" (without any instrumental accompaniment) as a tribute. He also posed in pictures with Michael's children, which seemed a little inappropriate. It looked like Bieber felt a little out of place, too, judging from the look on his normally sunshiny face. Even though the Biebs has said he wants to be of the same status as Michael someday, it's unlikely that it will happen, IMHO.

Michael's mom, Katherine Jackson, was present. Tito and Jackie, two of Michael's brothers, were also there. It's nice to see the family support -- especially for the children.

Speaking of children, little Blanket had his characteristic scowl on his face. He also had some defensive posture going on, like arms across his chest during the ceremony. Maybe because of his age he has a harder time dealing with the death of his father and all of the issues and events he must face. It's my hope Michael's family can find peace.


"Glee" Does Michael Jackson

Unless something weird happens, I'll be tuning in to watch the MJ tribute on "Glee".

First off, I want to say that I don't watch "Glee". It's not that I have anything against it, it just doesn't fit into my limited television viewing schedule. I have caught a couple of partial episodes by chance. I have to say the show seems entertaining, and I understand why people follow it, but I just have never gotten hooked on it. 

Recently, I've noticed that the cast of "Glee" is planning on airing a special tribute show to Michael at the end of January. That's peaked my interest in trying to fit "Glee" into my viewing schedule -- well at least for this one episode. 

I've read that there will be 10 to 12 of the King of Pop's on the episode, including classic favorites such as "Rock With You", "Beat it" and "Bad". Different actors and actresses will perform. Since I don't have any faves (because I don't watch the show) it doesn't really matter who performs. What matters is they do the song justice. 

Now, I know no one can cover one of Michael's songs and do a better job than Michael himself did. I don't expect that. What I do expect is that the performers put their heart and soul into the songs and try to connect with the viewers in some sort of way. Hopefully, the cast of "Glee" has much love for the late music star and will give everything they've got to make this episode worthy of a tribute to Michael Jackson. 

Unless something weird happens, I'll be tuning in to watch the MJ tribute on "Glee". Just in case, I'll set my DVR to record the episode. I'm looking forward to something awesome. I hope it doesn't disappoint. 

Michael's Daughter Paris Sees the Light

In a December 2011 interview on the "Ellen" show, Paris Jackson talks about her dad -- the late, great Michael Jackson.  It seems that his passing has had a profound effect on his daughter's existence. Things she didn't understand when her dad was alive, she now gets. 

Michael protected his three children from the world. He told them to wear masks when they went into public and Paris said she thought it was "stupid." Now, she says she understands that her dad was just trying to protect her and her brothers. She doesn't fault him for doing what he thought was best. 

She also mentioned that she didn't get how big of a star her dad was and how much influence he had on his fans. She told Ellen how she thought her dad had some songs out -- just like other singers. Yet, she never realized the enormity of his fame until she became older. It seems Michael protected his children from his fame on all fronts. 

She also has an obsession with his music. She told Ellen that 99 percent of her brain is her dad's music. Michael's music has many good messages, so that could be a good thing. Paris also stated that she wants to follow in her dad's footsteps and try to "heal the world." Paris has big plans, indeed. 

Paris has gained a place in the spotlight, and rightfully so. She sings, she dances and she acts. She's multi-talented, just like Michael was. No matter what Paris does, she takes her dad's advice with her. She solemnly told Ellen that her dad told her that if he were to die tomorrow, she should remember the things he told her. Paris states that she remembers it all. 

Michael Jackson: A True Idol

I remember the first time I became acquainted with the music of Michael Jackson. I was 11 years old, and at a friend's birthday party. She received the "Thriller" album as a present. She put the album on her record player and we danced around the patio to his music in delight. My love for MJ's music was born. Many years have passed since I first came to know the king of pop's music, and over his career, Michael's music evolved and his looks changed, too. 

Yet, no matter what Michael looked like on the outside, he knew how to make great music. No matter what the media said Michael did or didn't do, he knew how to entertain millions. No matter what, Michael will always be a musical idol in my book, and in the books of countless others. 

Even today, when I hear a Michael Jackson song, I enjoy the beat of a familiar song or I stop and really listen to the words of one that's not so familiar. I find it hard not to sing along to "Billie Jean" or to enjoy the originality of "Thriller." "Man in the Mirror" is one of my all-time favorites, and "Black or White" and pulsating beat of "Beat It" always make want to get up and dance. 

I will always view Michael as a true idol, akin to the likes of Elvis for others. His untimely death saddened me, as well as his quest to morph into a person who was unrecognizable from his photo as a young child in the Jackson 5. I understand that Michael undoubtedly struggled with many emotional and physical issues, but none of it stopped his true gift from shining through to the world -- the gift of his music. 

Still Popular Today

There is a lot of controversy when it comes to Michael Jackson. Many people have different opinions but most opinions have been formed based on his later years of life rather than his early years.

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He was the eighth child of the Jackson family. He did not have a good relationship with his father and there has been documentation that he suffered physical and emotional abuse while growing up. Michael Jackson stated himself that the abuse he endured is what made him become so successful at his career. The verbal abuse was also one of the factors in why he changed his appearance so drastically through the years of his fame. In 1964, Michael and his brothers started a band that they called the Jackson 5. He was already becoming someone the world would always remember. In 1982, Michael released the album “Thriller” and that is when his life changed forever. He was now known as the king of pop music and this album is still to this day his best selling album he ever released. Michael Jackson was talented in so many ways and the world recognized all of it. He was an amazing dancer, choreographer, singer and songwriter. But, with the undying love of fans and the fame that comes with this way of life there are also factors that even the best of people have to endure. Your privacy is no longer respected, everything you do is announced to the public world and that can be very devastating to some people. His later years of life were not as happy. He became more self destructive as the years went on which eventually led to his early death on June 25, 2009. This news was devastating to so many of his fans and people all over the world. No matter what you believe about Michael, one thing will never change. He truly was one of the most talented musicians the world had ever has ever seen.