Happy Birthday, MJ

Happy Birthday, MJ

Sunday, August 29 will be the birthday of the late King of Pop. If you’re a Michael Jackson fan, you might want to celebrate the life and times of MJ on this day. Here are some ways to do just that…

Rock out to your favorite Michael Jackson song. Be sure to look up the video (if you don’t already know his moves by heart) and copy the dance that goes along with it.

Walk around wearing only one glove for the day. When people ask you why, squeal, “Whoo-hoo!” or “C’mon, girl!”

Do the “ABC” dance from Clerks II with your friends. Or do all of the parts yourself if you’re feeling ambitious.

Get a bunch of people together to do the “creep dance” from Thriller. Perform it somewhere really public and really inappropriate, like at a senior center or dental office. Get really scary with props and fake blood, and whatever you do, don’t do it the cutesy Jennifer Garner way.

Dress up as Michael Jackson and just walk around pretending to be him. Talk in a really high-pitched voice and invite random strangers to visit you in Neverland.

Moonwalk wherever you go. Refuse to walk forward.

Host an MJ marathon and watch This Is It and a bunch of his music videos over and over again. Play a drinking game where everyone takes a drink when MJ says something that isn’t a real word.

Serenade someone with an MJ song, like “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Sing it to someone you don’t really have feelings for, or better yet, someone you don’t know but see often (like a coworker in another department or the girl who sits at Starbucks every day.)

Be like Mike: go vegetarian (if nothing else, just for the day).

Sing “Man in the Mirror” loudly in an elevator surrounded by mirrors or in a bathroom filled with people.

Adopt a weird animal—but do it legally by sending money to an organization that will let you adopt in name only, such as the World Wildlife Federation. Adopt a bunch of them and call them your virtual personal menagerie.

Watch the South Park MJ episode over and over again until you have it memorized, then randomly quote it in conversation.

Replace a single word in your usual repertoire with “Michael Jackson.” “Have,” “and,” and “you” are good choices. Example: “Michael Jackson you seen the remote?” or “Sandy Michael Jackson I were going to eat Michael Jackson go to the movies.”