Michael Jackson vs. Whitney Houston

Michael Jackson vs. Whitney Houston

What drives stars to a place where they find themselves at the mercy of substances?

Michael Jackson visibly deteriorated in front of his peers and his fans over a period of years.  In fact, the late Whitney Houston made some comments about Michael’s untimely death when she visited with Oprah on the set of Oprah’s talk show in 2009.

Whitney was visibly shaken about Michael’s death. She couldn’t believe that he died in the way that he did. She made comments that she didn’t want her fate to be the same.  

If Whitney did die from a combination of prescription pills and alcohol, her death has some similarities to Michael’s who died from an overdose of an anesthetic prescribed by his own personal physician. Both deaths were tragic and at least one was preventable.

What drives stars to a place where they find themselves at the mercy of substances? Is it the pressures of fame, the frenzied adoration of their fans or the realization that they can’t live up to their own personal expectations or the expectations of everyone else? Or is something deeper? Something such as scars from the past that never fully healed, so they use the substances to dull the memories and the pain.

Michael had a beautiful family with three healthy, precious children. He did have some legal troubles, which certainly were not the highlight of his life; but he moved past them. He apparently had trouble sleeping; but he and his doctor approached it in the wrong way. Somewhere it all went wrong for him and ended in tragedy. Even Whitney knew this, but she hurdled down the same path, which ultimately may have been to her destruction