Michael's Daughter Paris Sees the Light

Michael's Daughter Paris Sees the Light

In a December 2011 interview on the "Ellen" show, Paris Jackson talks about her dad -- the late, great Michael Jackson.  It seems that his passing has had a profound effect on his daughter's existence. Things she didn't understand when her dad was alive, she now gets. 

Michael protected his three children from the world. He told them to wear masks when they went into public and Paris said she thought it was "stupid." Now, she says she understands that her dad was just trying to protect her and her brothers. She doesn't fault him for doing what he thought was best. 

She also mentioned that she didn't get how big of a star her dad was and how much influence he had on his fans. She told Ellen how she thought her dad had some songs out -- just like other singers. Yet, she never realized the enormity of his fame until she became older. It seems Michael protected his children from his fame on all fronts. 

She also has an obsession with his music. She told Ellen that 99 percent of her brain is her dad's music. Michael's music has many good messages, so that could be a good thing. Paris also stated that she wants to follow in her dad's footsteps and try to "heal the world." Paris has big plans, indeed. 

Paris has gained a place in the spotlight, and rightfully so. She sings, she dances and she acts. She's multi-talented, just like Michael was. No matter what Paris does, she takes her dad's advice with her. She solemnly told Ellen that her dad told her that if he were to die tomorrow, she should remember the things he told her. Paris states that she remembers it all.