Michael's Downfall

Michael's Downfall

He Failed to Evolve in the Right Way

No one can deny that the Michael Jackson in this photo from 1984 looks distinctly different from the child that was a key member of his family's band, "The Jackson 5." Michael evolved constantly, thoroughout his tumultuous life. Evolution, in itself, is a species adaptability to become more diversified to meet changes. The problem with Michael is that he took it too far.

When I look at pictures of Michael as a child, then as a teen, a young man in his twenties, and then what he finally became at the end of his life, I am saddened. I see a person who so desperately wanted to change his appearance that he lost who he really was.

I think the majority of people would look at this pic from 1984 and say that Michael looks good. It appears that he had a nose job at this point, but nothing like the total reconstruction he endured in later years. If only he would have left well enough alone.

I know Michael had some health issues that caused his skin to lighten in spots, so that's what spurned the skin color change. But he had something much deeper going on. I am guessing that he didn't like himself very much. I think that -- and no doubt others do, too -- that's why he evolved and changed with such dramatic results.

It's a shame that Michael couldn't rejoice and take comfort in the fact that he had millions of fans that world over that loved him and his music. It's a shame that he couldn't leave his appearance alone instead of altering the way that he looked so much that he was unrecognizable from that sweet-looking child and young man that he once was.