Why Michael Jackson's Music Will Stand the Test of Time

Why Michael Jackson's Music Will Stand the Test of Time

Just like the person in this picture, a smile comes to my face when I listen to anything by Michael Jackson. From his songs as a child in the Jackson 5 to his solo debut as a music artist, I can enjoy almost anything Michael recorded. I say almost anything because I haven't listened to every recording he ever made.

Michael had the special ability to tell a story through his music. He was able to connect with his audience -- something successful artists can do. His music is also timeless. I can listen to Jackson's self-authored "Beat It" and it's just as relevant today as it was in the early 80s. I can watch the video "Thriller" and enjoy the theatrics that accompany the music and make it that much better.

Michael also wanted to be a star. He wanted to create music that he knew people would want to listen to. He had a gift for writing and singing music that made an impression on people. He had a vision and he knew how to translate it to real life.

He also was an interesting person. The way he shrouded himself and his children. The trademark sequins and his one glove. The drastic impact he made on his personal appearance. He made himself stand out from the crowd.

I think Michael's music will be enjoyed by masses for many, many decades to come. It's definitely worthy of attention. His songs also have plenty of positive and inspiring messages for people, too.