Michael & ET

This photo always brings back such warm memories - hilarious ones, in fact. I know he's dead and all, but I mean who could have predicted that when this picture was taken MJ would have gone through an alien-like transformation of his own - while at the same time having a close relationship(s) with a young boy(s). Allegedly. God rest his soul.

I don't mean this to sound rude or anything but looking at this image I can't help but notice how attractive young, black, Michael looks (not that he wasn't still black when his skin changed to "dove white"). He just looks better with a little color is all I'm saying! His "ET shade" that he had in the years leading up to his death was just awful.

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  • Michael Jackson The Experience track list:
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     • Ghosts
     • Heal the World
     • In The Closet
     • Leave Me Alone
     • Money
     • Remember the Time
     • Rock with You
     • Smooth Criminal
     • Speed Demon
     • Streetwalker
     • Sunset Driver
     • The Girl Is Mine
     • The Way You Make Me Feel
     • They Don’t Care About Us
     • Thriller
     • Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
     • Who Is It
     • Will You Be There
     • Workin' Day and Night

Michael Jackson Closure Letter.

Dear Michael,

I miss you so much still. It is hard to believe that you are gone and that the details of your life and death are still the top news after so much time has passed. I hope you are in a better place and am glad your memory and life continues to touch so many. 

Thank you for all of the great years - and the many more I am hoping are still to come.

Pop Impersonator Beats it MJ Style in Fort Worth

"The Music of Michael Jackson" as performed by James Delisco

Looking for something fun, and perhaps a little morbid, to do in Fort Worth this weekend? How about going to see "The Music of Michael Jackson" as performed by James Delisco? It might satisfy your thrist for both.

James Delisco who will be accomanied by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, will take you back in time (at some points not really THAT far), with some of Michael Jacksons greatest hits this Friday at Bass Hall. Tickets are $30 - $65 at the door or you can order them online.

I wonder what the King of Pop would have to say about all this. I would venture to guess it might go something like "whee hee hoo... mmmm beee bot n do bow wah" - but that's just me.

Dates / Times: Friday, 01/07/2011 8:00 PM      

Information: From his early years with the Jackson 5 to his mega-hit album Thriller and beyond, Michael Jackson stormed the music industry with hit after hit. Las Vegas showman James Delisco takes you through each era of this storied performer from ABC and I'll Be There through Beat It, Thriller, Rock With You, The Way You Make Me Feel and more. All backed by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

Discovery Cancels Ghoulish Autopsy Show

The head line: "Discovery cancels Michael Jackson autopsy TV show."

Good. One for a little decency and respect for a family's memory of a love one.

Reuters reports -- "The Discovery television network on Friday said it canceled plans to air a reenactment of the autopsy on Michael Jackson's body, citing an upcoming court hearing and concern by the late pop star's estate. The show, Michael Jackson's Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson, had been set to air in several countries of western Europe and in the United Kingdom on January 13. The Discovery's show, which was not scheduled to air in the United States, was an unofficial, fictional account of what the autopsy must have been like and its results. "

Unofficial? Fiction? Yeah?

Well, this time the ghouls didn't win. If the Discovery Channels wants to make a few more dollars off of the legacy of Michael Jackson, they can do a special on his music, or a special that celebrates his life.

Happy Birthday, MJ

Sunday, August 29 will be the birthday of the late King of Pop. If you’re a Michael Jackson fan, you might want to celebrate the life and times of MJ on this day. Here are some ways to do just that…

Rock out to your favorite Michael Jackson song. Be sure to look up the video (if you don’t already know his moves by heart) and copy the dance that goes along with it.

Walk around wearing only one glove for the day. When people ask you why, squeal, “Whoo-hoo!” or “C’mon, girl!”

Do the “ABC” dance from Clerks II with your friends. Or do all of the parts yourself if you’re feeling ambitious.

Get a bunch of people together to do the “creep dance” from Thriller. Perform it somewhere really public and really inappropriate, like at a senior center or dental office. Get really scary with props and fake blood, and whatever you do, don’t do it the cutesy Jennifer Garner way.

Dress up as Michael Jackson and just walk around pretending to be him. Talk in a really high-pitched voice and invite random strangers to visit you in Neverland.

Moonwalk wherever you go. Refuse to walk forward.

Host an MJ marathon and watch This Is It and a bunch of his music videos over and over again. Play a drinking game where everyone takes a drink when MJ says something that isn’t a real word.

Serenade someone with an MJ song, like “The Way You Make Me Feel.” Sing it to someone you don’t really have feelings for, or better yet, someone you don’t know but see often (like a coworker in another department or the girl who sits at Starbucks every day.)

Be like Mike: go vegetarian (if nothing else, just for the day).

Sing “Man in the Mirror” loudly in an elevator surrounded by mirrors or in a bathroom filled with people.

Adopt a weird animal—but do it legally by sending money to an organization that will let you adopt in name only, such as the World Wildlife Federation. Adopt a bunch of them and call them your virtual personal menagerie.

Watch the South Park MJ episode over and over again until you have it memorized, then randomly quote it in conversation.

Replace a single word in your usual repertoire with “Michael Jackson.” “Have,” “and,” and “you” are good choices. Example: “Michael Jackson you seen the remote?” or “Sandy Michael Jackson I were going to eat Michael Jackson go to the movies.”

Sunflowers Bloom Outside Michael Jackson's Crypt

Item :The Associated Press  —  May 14, 2010  — "Sunflowers are now blooming outside Michael Jackson's crypt. Grower Jason Levin on Friday delivered up to 2,000 sunflowers after hearing Lisa Marie Presley complain there were only a few bouquets, candles and gifts surrounding the tomb." See the video.

Some people object to people buying flowers for graves or crypts, or for funerals. Some people call this spending money on the dead. Of course people may spend their own money any way they choose.  Very few people, if anyone, ever spend money on the dead. The living spend money for their own needs.

The phrase, "Sunflowers bloom,"  brought  to mind the famous poem by Walt Whitman, " When Lilacs Last in the Door-yard Bloom'd," that mourns the tragic death of Abraham Lincoln.  Of course Michael Jackson wasn't Lincoln. And Lincoln wasn't Michael Jackson. This post is about mourning, about a star that has fallen from the Western sky, about grief, and about  the offering of flowers, not to the dead, not to death, but to life.  The offering is for the benefit of the living whom mourn, and whom say to the world, and more importantly to themselves, that like flowers in bloom, the memory of the fallen star shall forever bloom.

MJ's Bodyguards "Defend the King"

The men who traveled with Michael Jackson and his kids across the country, guarded the family twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and knew him better than his most devoted fans are speaking out. Watch the video above to find out about his girlfriends, private life, profound sadness, and the book the bodyguards are talking about writing.