June 2009

Why Michael Jackson Should Have Faked His Death

I used to be a huge Michael Jackson fan.  I use past tense only because it has been eight years since he produced any new music, and eighteen since he released any good music. Not because I stopped loving his music.  Not because he apparently, suddenly and mysteriously died.  So I was surprised when I heard the news that I wasn't more upset.  My immediate reaction was one of disbelief; dismissal, even.  No way was it true.

I shared most people's instinctual reaction that it was a hoax. Possibly because we are always slow to accept the death of someone that we revere, but more likely because we have never really equated Michael Jackson with reality. 

And then it dawned on me: there are some pretty compelling reasons as to why Jacko would be inspired to stage his own death.

No more money worries

Michael Jackson Died Today

Let the mass hysteria begin- it's official, Michael Jackson died today from a heart attack.  When it was earlier reported that the King of Pop was hospitalized, I have to admit, I wasn't moved one bit.  Michael has used the "sick card" before so I blew the news off as a publicity thing.  As much as I love his music and having been a fan a s a child, I have come to be a bit skeptical when it comes to the rumors surrounding the eccentric Jackson.