July 2009

Interesting Facts You Might Not Know about Michael Jackson

If you have bought every Michael Jackson album, you probably know that he has had one of the most successful careers out of any musician in the 20th century, holding several records and awards, including the top three best selling albums of all time and 13 Grammy Awards.  Yet, other than the scandals and allegations in the media, you may not know much about his life off stage.

Michael Jackson Memorial

The Memorial for the King of Pop is underway at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The body of Michael Jackson was brought into the arena at about 10:30, carried by his brothers, each wearing one white glove. Among the stars seen in attendance were Usher, Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant, Akon, Kardashians (because they were so close), Smokey Robinson, John Mayer...

Choir performs We're Going to see the King to open.

Mariah Carey, Trey Lorenz - I'll Be There

Queen Latifah - Speech - His star power

Lionel Richie - Jesus is Love

Berry Gordy, Jr. - Speech - As a young man

Video Montage of Michael through the years

Stevie Wonder - Never Dreamed You'd Leave in Summer

Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson - Speech - His generosity, family memories, how MJ helped Magic be a better Point Guard...

Jennifer Hudson - Will You be There 

Was Michael Jackson's Death a government conspiracy to help bring down the national debt?

Sources are saying that the estate of Michael Jackson could reach upwards of one billion dollars when all of the music catalogs, property, and possesions are figured in.  Not only does he own a large portion of the Beatles catalog, he also owns a lot of his own music, property, and a lot of possesions. According to what they've been saying on CNN, he's about 400 million in debt.

Sure the Jackson Family is going to be taken care of, as will his children, and whichever charity the remaining 20% of his estate will go to.

MIchael Jackson Tribute is Not About the Money

I am no longer 13 and the world's biggest Michael Jackson fan, but I still have to seriously think WTF is his promoter, who was with Michael's family at the hospital, thinking of by even considering the possibility of turning all of the Michael Jackson concerts that were scheduled this summer into Michael Jackson tribute.

Randy Phillips, in an interview with CBS news, first gave a moving account of how his first thoughts at the hospital after learning that Michael probably would not survive did not go to the concerts (which had netted $85 million dollars in the first minutes of ticket sales), but to Michael's mother and Michael's children. Only when Michael's mom left to Target to buy toys for the kids did his thoughts turn to business. (why Michael Jackson's mom shops at Target is a mystery to explore another time.)