January 2012

Michael Continues to be Remembered

Michael Jackson continues to be remembered by his children and the world. Most recently, his brood participated in a hand and footprint ceremony in front of the famous Grauman Chinese theater. Prince Michael, Paris and Blanket all helped make imprints of their late father's black loafer-style shoes and his trademark sequined glove into the concrete block. At the top of the block "Michael Jackson" was written by Paris, with a heart separating his first and last names. As the children imprinted images their dad's belongings, the crowd showed them love by cheering.

"Glee" Does Michael Jackson

Unless something weird happens, I'll be tuning in to watch the MJ tribute on "Glee".

First off, I want to say that I don't watch "Glee". It's not that I have anything against it, it just doesn't fit into my limited television viewing schedule. I have caught a couple of partial episodes by chance. I have to say the show seems entertaining, and I understand why people follow it, but I just have never gotten hooked on it. 

Recently, I've noticed that the cast of "Glee" is planning on airing a special tribute show to Michael at the end of January. That's peaked my interest in trying to fit "Glee" into my viewing schedule -- well at least for this one episode.