February 2012

There's No One Like Mike

No matter what anyone says or thinks, I'll never change my mind that Michael Jackson is a one-and-only original. One of my weaknesses is reality television. I especially like those wanna-be-a-singing superstar shows. My fave guilty pleasure is American Idol. Anyway, from time to time a talent surfaces and people in the music industry comment on how similar the singer is to MJ. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Well, maybe. But, no one can ever top Michael. 

Michael Jackson vs. Whitney Houston

What drives stars to a place where they find themselves at the mercy of substances?

Michael Jackson visibly deteriorated in front of his peers and his fans over a period of years.  In fact, the late Whitney Houston made some comments about Michael’s untimely death when she visited with Oprah on the set of Oprah’s talk show in 2009.

Whitney was visibly shaken about Michael’s death. She couldn’t believe that he died in the way that he did. She made comments that she didn’t want her fate to be the same.